Bayou Moot 2023 Registration

Dec. 2, 2023 • New Orleans, LA
Signum University and the Mythgard Institute invite you to join us in New Orleans, on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, for our first annual Bayou Moot. Our theme this year is "Representation: The Portrayal of Women in Legends and Fantasy".

We will be considering the long traditions behind the female characters in fantasy, folklore, and science fiction, learning from the past and looking to the future as lovers of genre storytelling. From the heroines we cheer for to villains we love to hate, there is something to learn from each. Join us as we ask what makes a female character compelling, how gender does or doesn't impact audience reach, and discuss the successes and failures of stories in their portrayal of women. We offer a warm welcome to fangirls of all kinds and look forward to a lively discussion and to hearing your personal stories about the women (real and imaginary) who inspire and challenge you.

We are seeking creative presentations, academic papers, and interactive workshops and activities around our theme and will accept proposals from both online and local attendees.

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