June 20–23, 2024 • National Conference Center, Leesburg, VA
Mythmoot is an annual conference that brings together students, fans, staff, and friends of Signum University, the Mythgard Institute, Signum SPACE, and Signum Academy. Our online and in-person completely hybrid event combines the best of scholarship and friendship in four glorious days. This year's theme is The Resilience of Imagination. Mythmoot includes academic and fan presentations, SilmFilm, Guest of Honor Speeches, workshops, panels, a costume contest, and social opportunities aplenty.

Special Guests

Donato Giancola seeks to express stories which best define our humanity. From the epic triptychs of Peter Paul Rubens to the sublime graphics of Mondrian, he mines classical draftsmanship, renaissance narration, and modern aesthetics of composition to lay a foundation rich in historical associations for his paintings and drawings.

Kyle Latino is an artist and educator from Indianapolis. He holds an MFA from the University of Cincinnati in visual fine arts where he studied interactivity in art and games design as a fine arts practice. Kyle is an Associate Professor of game art and design at the Columbus College of Art and Design and runs a YouTube channel, called Map Crow, that covers the same subjects. He has published graphic novels and games while also self publishing books for tabletop roleplaying games.

Sparrow F. Alden dances in the borderlands between the World Where the Stories Come From and the world with spreadsheets and logistics and bills to pay. She really does live in a one-room cabin in the woods, ready to receive heroes who need a night of respite on their quests, anchoring her clan of kith and kin and very good dogs. Her personal philosophy around story creation respects Stories trying to express themselves through their chosen Author — and respects writers plying their skills to tell their stories.

Dr. Tom Shippey is delivering a digital lecture. He has taught medieval literature at six universities in Britain and America, including Oxford and Harvard, and for many years held the Chair at Leeds University once held by Tolkien. He is best-known for his books on Tolkien, which have been often reprinted and translated into many languages.
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