Signum University Press is the publishing branch of the Signum University family tree. As an inventive, flexible new publishing company, Signum UP aligns with the University’s mission of exceptional, accessible, and affordable scholarship.

A New Way of Publishing

Through experimentation with dynamic modern technologies, state-of-the-art delivery mechanisms, and a commitment to the long heritage of editorial excellence, Signum UP will offer a rich catalog of engaging works in a variety of media and formats, including printed books, audiobooks, and e-books.

Our innovative subscription packages and serial release method will reach wide audiences through digital, audio, video, and print-on-demand products at reasonable prices while still compensating authors with generous royalties packages.

By nurturing authors and readers alike, Signum UP aims to contribute to its particular fields of academia and literature both now and in the future.

We intend to build a diverse catalog of works catering to the passions of our intellectual community, including studies of European literature; Tolkien and the Inklings; speculative fiction broadly (including fantasy, science fiction, mythology, folklore, fairy tales, and adaptations); historical, modern, and invented languages; linguistics and philology; digital humanities; and creative writing.


Click on the titles below to get more information about purchasing, subscribing to, and supporting our current and upcoming projects.

  • A Handful of Hazelnuts: Short Stories by Sørina Higgins
  • The Flower of the Cedar: A Novel by Kay ben-Avraham
  • Exploring The Lord of the Rings, Volume 1 by Corey Olsen
  • Fallible Aesthetics: Poems by James Hamby
  • A Waiter Made of Glass: Stories and Poems by Verlyn Flieger
  • The Silmarillion Primer by Jeff LaSala