Exploring The Lord of the Rings, Volume I

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Join Dr. Corey Olsen (The Tolkien Professor) as he explores the themes, characters, development, and other aspects of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy classic.

Exploring The Lord of the Rings will be published in six volumes, aligning with the six Books of The Lord of the Rings. Volume I will start arriving in late Summer 2022, and chapters will be released monthly. Those who pre-purchase or subscribe will receive each installment as it is created.

You can subscribe to the monthly updates or pay for the entire book up front. E-book and audiobook formats are available, and purchasing both at the same time will be a little cheaper.

The Author's Circle

One of the subscription options available is the Author’s Circle. Joining the Author’s Circle will give you the opportunity to join in Dr. Olsen’s creative process with:

  • Access to text and audio chapters on release
  • Access to notes and updates during the writing process
  • Monthly meetings with the author to discuss and give feedback on the most recent chapter
  • A mention in the book if they make a suggestion included in the final book
  • Acknowledgement in the final volume
  • Personalized versions of the book at final publication

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