Channeling King Arthur Through the Mediums

Sørina Higgins (ed.)

King Arthur keeps coming back, over and over, in books, movies, video games, visual art, and other formats, always adapted to the time, place, and culture of the creators. This collection of essays by graduate students at Signum University examines more recent Arthuriana (from Tennyson's time until approximately last Tuesday). With refreshing variety, these chapters apply geocriticism, pedagogical theory, historical approaches, gender studies, theological comparitivism, queer theory, trickster studies, and analyses of heroism to tales timeless or timely.

Our Authors:
Jules Anderson
Elise Trudel Cedeño
Stentor Danielson
Lorena Farias
Scott Hodgman
Lee Marshall
Sarah Monnier
Mercury Natis
Joseph Torres
Kira Tregoning
Wesley Schantz
Lauren White

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