Exploring Beowulf

Michael D. C. Drout

Join Professor Michael Drout to explore Beowulf!

Walk through through all 3,182 lines of the poem with Prof. Drout in monthly audio segments. You'll go line-by-line, with each segment focusing on a small number of lines at a time. Prof. Drout will read the Old English, translate, explain why to translate it that way, discuss problems with the manuscript, and more.

Exploring Beowulf will also include a series of more focused episodes on topics in Beowulf-studies, such as: The Manuscript, Beowulf and Oral Tradition, Beowulf and Christianity, Beowulf and the Germanic North, and others. There will be one topical lecture each month.

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The first six installments will be released monthly and will form Volume I of Exploring Beowulf. Subscribers can access their content here on Blackberry under the Your Library section.

Installment 5 (releasing on June 30)

Installment 4: 1.) Lines 607-702. 2.) Lines 702B-790. 3.) Lines 791-874. 4.) Topic episode: Oral Tradition, Part 1: History and Formula.

Installment 3: 1.) Lines 286-398. 2.) Lines 399-498. 3.) Lines 499-606. 4.) Topic episode: Manuscript Paleography.

Installment 2: 1.) Lines 86-129. 2.) Lines 129B-188. 3.) Lines 189-285. 4.) Topic episode: The Manuscript: Material Characteristics.

Installment 1: 1.) Introduction. 2.) Lines 1-11. 3.) Lines 12-52. 4.) Lines 53-85. 5.) Topic episode: The History of the Beowulf Manuscript, Part 1.

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