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Plant-based Entheogens, Shapers of History and Consciousness

HistoryReligious Studies
Precepted by Robert Steed.
In this module we will explore the roles that various plant-based entheogens have played, actively and passively, in shaping human consciousness and history. Tea, coffee, chocolate, nutmeg, cannabis, coca, alcohol, opium, pipe-weed (tobacco), and ayahuasca will all be discussed, both in their historical contexts and for their entheogenic properties. Time permitting, we can cover more.

Required Texts

None. PDFs will be provided and students will make use of the Erowid website. Students are, however, encouraged to purchase for their own use Dale Pendell's books, Pharmako/Poiea, Pharmako/Dynamis, and Pharmako/Gnosis.


None (yet!)

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