Welcome to SPACE!

Happy and cordial greetings to you!

My name is Rob Gosselin, Director of SPACE, and I am delighted to welcome you to the program and to our SPACE modules, which are the courses we run each month. Designed for personal enrichment, our modules are academically serious but fun, focused purely on the love of learning and the joy of studying the material.

Once you have a Blackberry Account, you can:

  1. Purchase Tokens - Each Token can be redeemed for participation in one of our monthly modules.
  2. Set your Timezone and Availability to help with our scheduling
  3. Enroll in Confirmed Modules
  4. Vote for upcoming Candidate Modules, and
  5. Add courses from our Module Directory to your Wishlist

Finally, as you embark on your learning journey with us, our SPACE Team is here to support you if you have any questions along the way. Simply contact us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to help.


Picture of Rob Gosselin, Director of Signum SPACE.
Rob Gosselin
Director of SPACE, Signum University
Director of Signum Academy

Picture of Jenny Gosselin, Blackberry Admin for SPACE.
Jenny Gosselin
SPACE Team and Blackberry Communications, Signum University

Picture of James Tauber, Blackberry Developer and SPACE Preceptor.
James Tauber
Blackberry Developer and SPACE Preceptor

Picture of Pilar Barrera, Preceptor and Admin of SPACE.
Pilar Barrera
SPACE Faculty Liaison and Preceptor, Signum University
Preceptor and Admin support, SPACE

Picture of Sparrow Alden, Preceptor and Scheduler of SPACE.
Sparrow F. Alden
Preceptor, Advisor, and Scheduler
Signum University Graduate School of Arts, SPACE, and Signum Academy
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