SPACE Announcements & Updates

Registration is Open for the November SPACE Showcase!
We'd love to see you at our Fall SPACE Showcase on Saturday, Nov 16th in celebration of our 3-year mark of the SPACE program. Check out the Showcase Event page above for more details. Registration will remain open now through November 16th, but those who register by November 1st will be added into a draw for a FREE SPACE TOKEN!
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Try out our Hybrid Format in 2024
Many students who tried our Hybrid format in our A Journey Through The History of Middle-earth (HoMe Series) series shared that they loved trying out the new format and that it introduced some flex into their schedules when they could not make it to the recorded session.
In 2024 we will be offering some modules in the hybrid format and we look forward to hearing about how your experience with this alternative format to some of our classes.

HYBRID MODEL: As per usual SPACE classes, each week we will have two 1-hour sessions; the Recorded Session and the Discussion Session.

RECORDED SESSION: The first session will be a recorded session with your Preceptor. This session will either be recorded live or pre-recorded. We will disseminate the recordings via email to all enrolled students for viewing purposes prior to your discussion session. If you are participating live in a recorded session, you are welcome to interact through the use of your video/audio/chat, but please note that these recordings may be used for future iterations of the module.

DISCUSSION SESSION: The second session in the week will be a live discussion with your Preceptor. These discussion sessions will NOT be recorded, and students are welcome to use their video/audio/chat as desired for interaction with fellow classmates and Preceptor.

June & July in SPACE
Looking Ahead: It's a new month and we are excited to announce our Confirmed Modules for June and our Candidate Modules for July.

Highlight Reel Video: Check out our June 2024 Highlight Reel video, featuring just a few of our amazing modules in SPACE.

What's new in Blackberry?
  1. Early Confirmations! Get your votes in early and as soon as we have 5 votes for a candidate module we can confirm it and you can get it on your calendar! That's why we like the phrase, "Vote today to get your module confirmed tomorrow" ;)

  2. Student Portal We now have a student portal for SPACE: (! Check it out and let us know if you would like us to add anything to the Portal!

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    2023 Year in Review & Looking Ahead
    On Dec 9, 2023, as part of Signum University's Annual Webathon, we celebrate our 2-year mark in SPACE looking back on another great year and what we're looking forward to in the year ahead.