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Hello! We are delighted you are here. We've designed this page to support you, our students, as you navigate all things SPACE. Here are several of our main go-to links for you. If you have further ideas that would help support you better that we could add to this page, we would love to hear from you!

NEW: SPACE Language Launchpad

Language Launchpad We are going back to our roots with scheduling modules around your schedules!

How to get involved: Fill out the Language Launchpad Form with the language(s) you wish to learn. As soon as we receive at least 6-8 students who are interested in the same language, we will begin scheduling a module for you, your fellow students, and your preceptor.

Important to note Our initial scheduling will take place based on your Blackberry Availability. Please make sure this is as up to date as possible for us to find a time that works.

• Language Launchpad Form: LINK

  1. SPACE FAQ: Answers & Explanations Doc
  2. Changing Your Blackberry Password (PDF): LINK
  3. Discord Overview (PDF): LINK
  4. Hybrid Format: LINK

  1. New Student Information Form:
  2. Course Evaluation Form:
  3. Auto-enroll in your Continuing Cohort:
  4. Gift Form to gift a Token to Friends or Family:
  5. Gift a Scholarship:

Main Videos
  1. Signum Discord Video from Seth Wilson:
  2. Zoom Calendar Video from SPACE Scheduler, Sparrow Alden:
  3. Blackberry to Zoom to Calendar (thanks again to Sparrow!):

If you have any questions along the way, please contact Jenny at [email protected]. Jenny is the main contact and support person for our students. We love hearing from you.

Thanks and take care!

Picture of Jen Gosselin, SPACE Team and Blackberry Communications.
Jenny Gosselin
SPACE Team and Blackberry Communications, Signum University