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Kvetha Fricaya: greetings, friends! Ahead of the release of the newly announced sequel, Murtagh, go back to where it all began with Christopher Paolini's much-loved Inheritance Cycle. In a series of four modules, we'll follow Eragon as he joins the ranks of the legendary dragon riders and embarks on an epic journey to free the land of Alagaësia from tyranny. Identifying how Paolini actively engages with fantasy tropes, we will explore themes of destiny, courage and friendship. Connect with fellow book lovers to share insights on the readings. This module is perfect for the creative writer looking to pick up techniques through close reading, or for anyone looking for the warmth of a cozy book club. May your swords stay sharp!

Module 1: Eragon
Module 2: Eldest
Module 3: Brisingr
Module 4: Inheritance

Required Texts

Students will require access to Christopher Paolini's four books of The Inheritance Cycle.
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