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Do you love to look at paintings, but aren’t sure how to make them yourself? Do you want to paint, but you don’t have room to store flammable, smelly chemicals like turpentine? Do oil/acrylic canvases and easels take up too much room for you to work in a small space? If you’ve painted watercolor before, have you wondered why they looked washed out or why you get certain unexpected textures in your color mixes? Then this module is for you!

This class is an introduction to the materials, tools, and methods of watercolor painting. Whether you're brand new to making art, a seasoned painter who wants to connect with other makers, or you just want to find out how Tolkien created many of his Middle-earth illustrations, you’ll find a place in this module!

Course Outline:
• Class 1: Defining Watercolor – What makes Watercolor different from other art media?
• Class 2: Materials and Terms – What you need and where to get it
• Class 3: Prep – What to do before you start painting
• Class 4: Composition – Tips for visually interesting paintings and how to save your whites
• Class 5: Values – How to get good tone, range, and contrast
• Class 6: Color Mixing – Sediments vs. stains and how to make harmonious paintings
• Class 7: Texture – Tips for interesting textures and brushwork
• Class 8: Overflow, Resources for Further Research, and Final Q & A

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