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Mixed Lecture/Discussion
In this hybrid module, we will explore Scarlett Thomas' book on writing advice, Monkeys with Typewriters. Starting with a brief introduction to literary theory and how it pertains to writers, the module will explore the philosophy and practice of storytelling. Through a combination of lectures and in-class exercises, you will discover tools to tell dynamic stories based upon your own life experiences, learn about the eight basic plots, unlock techniques of characterization and improve your work on the sentence level.

The module will follow an 8-lesson structure as follows:
• Lecture 1: Introduction
• Workshop 1: What do I bring to the story?

• Lecture 2: Plot Structures
• Workshop 2: How to Have Ideas

• Lecture 3: Narration and Characterization
• Workshop 3: Telling Your Tale

• Lecture 4: Starting the Novel
• Workshop 4: Sentence by Sentence

Required Texts

Students are encouraged to access the text Monkeys with Typewriters, but it is not required reading.
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November 2024 Candidate  Hybrid

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