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September 2024 Spotlight  Candidate  Hybrid
Mixed Lecture/Discussion • Low intensity
Whereas figures like Odin, Thor or Freyr dominate the Viking mythical landscape, Norse spirituality goes way beyond the texts of the Poetic Edda. For the Viking mind, spirituality would have infused all aspects of daily life in a fascinating mix of sacred and profane.

Paganism was most likely never a unified system of belief, and may have been much more complex and diverse than our current sources can let us know. Beyond semi-structured beliefs, we also encounter more practical forms actively trying to influence the environment – sorcery, most often referred to as seidr, a collective term to designate soothsaying, divination, healing, controlling weather, battle magic and much more.

In this module we will be critically exploring the sources for such powerful practices, the vocabulary of sorcery, as well as attempting to enter the Viking soul in search of its logic and manifestations through everyday witchcraft, while confronting the great hindrances in the study of an elusive phenomenon.

Why is Odin a god of sorcery? Who performed magic in Viking times? Was it gendered? Was sexuality involved? What did magic reveal, and how was it perceived? Put your name into the goblet of mead and let‘s get started.

Required Texts

There are no required texts for this module. All materials will be provided by the preceptor.

This is a candidate for September 2024 which means it will only run if there is enough interest. Token holders can vote on candidate modules.

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This will be a Hybrid class (4 lectures & 4 discussion sessions). Each week will consist of 1 hour of recorded lecture and 1 hour of live discussion (not recorded) for a total of 8 class hours over the course of the month.

Delivery Plan
1. The first session each week will be a pre-recorded lecture sent to students at least 2 days before the live discussion session.
2. The second session each week will be a live discussion session (not recorded), occurring on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM Eastern (four 1-hour sessions on September 4, 11, 18, 25)

Days and Times

Pre-recorded lectures will be supplemented by live meetings Wednesdays at 2:00 PM Eastern for four 1-hour sessions on September 4, 11, 18, 25

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