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Beginning Scottish Gaelic 2

July 2022

Beginning Scottish Gaelic 2 continues our language and grammar study in line with European fluency standard A1. This module continues where we left off, using the A1 Inntrigeadh resources from SpeakGaelic.scot.
Module Class Delivery
Class 1 and 2 will cover Topic 5: Home
Class 3 and 4 will cover Topic 6: Time
Class 5 and 6 will cover Topic 7: Work
Class 7 and 8 will cover Topic 8: Time Off

Required Texts

This module will be using the A1 Inntrigeadh resources from SpeakGaelic.scot.

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Days and Times

Meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays @6:00 PM (Eastern Time), starting July 5

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