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August 2024 Candidate  Hybrid
How can we rise through suffering to become heroic? This hybrid module takes a deep dive into the stages of the hero’s journey structure and its applicability to your story. Considering different approaches to the Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, you will have the opportunity to share and reflect upon your character’s journey in supportive workshops. Whether your hero is slaying a dragon or exploring the dark depths of their psyche, this module will help you craft an epic journey.

The module will follow an 8-lesson structure as follows:
• Lecture 1: Introduction to the Monomyth
• Workshop 1: Call to Adventure

• Lecture 2: Archetypes
• Workshop 2: Challenges and Temptations

• Lecture 3: The Heroine’s Journey
• Workshop 3: Death and Rebirth

• Lecture 4: Challenging the Monomyth
• Workshop 4: Transformation, Atonement, Return

Required Texts

There are no required texts for this module.

This is a candidate for August 2024 which means it will only run if there is enough interest. Token holders can vote on candidate modules.

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This will be a Hybrid class (4 lectures & 4 discussion sessions). Each week will consist of 1 hour of recorded lecture and 1 hour of live discussion (not recorded) for a total of 8 class hours over the course of the month.

Delivery Plan
1. The first session each week will be a lecture session (recorded live)
2. The second session each week will be a live discussion session (not recorded).

Days and Times

Mondays (lecture will be recorded live) & Thursdays at 7:00 PM Eastern for eight 1-hour sessions on August 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26, 29.

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