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Owen Barfield, one of C.S. Lewis's closest friends and a core member of the Inklings, was one of the most original thinkers of the 20th century (although he did not think of himself as such). Saving the Appearances: A Study in Idolatry sets forth the core theory of ongoing and evolving participation in creation which forms the core of Barfield's thought. Poetic Diction, a work that influenced not only Lewis but Tolkien as well, applies Barfield's theory to language in particular. In this module we will first read Saving the Appearances and then use that work as a basis for understanding Poetic Diction.

Required Texts

Saving the Appearances: A Study in Idolatry by Owen Barfield; Poetic Diction: A Study in Meaning by Owen Barfield.
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Days and Times

Meeting Tuesdays & Wednesdays @7:00 PM for eight 1-hour sessions (Eastern Time), beginning October 4

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