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Module 1 of Gaelic History Series.
This series would likely comprise several modules as there's lots of time to cover.

Module 1 will begin with a look into what does "Celtic" mean and the language branches, Hallstatt and La Tene period artifacts, and what that tells us about the culture. Then we explore what Rome can tell us about Celtic culture through their lens up to Caesar's campaign in Gaul, Hadrian's Wall, Boudicca and the Iceni and hopefully we can cover the formation of Scotland.

Module 2 will essentially cover the period of the Middle Ages. We will explore what daily life looked like and talk about material culture and clan structures. We will also explore religion and the introduction of Christianity with the monastic cultures and manuscripts.

Module 3 will examine royalty in Scotland and the series of events that lead to Culloden.

Module 4 will explore diaspora-settlement, growth, and identity in the New World.

Module 5 will examine the modern gael-decline of language, revitalization efforts, and what does Gaeldom look like in the age of technology.

Required Texts

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