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Natural or Synthetic?

May 2022

Precepted by Eve Droma.
As we all know, Tolkien drew heavily from Finnish for his languages. Learn more about the universal laws of grammar for natural languages in order to make your created language more appealing, vibrant, and convincing. In this course, we will explore basic facts about phonetics and phonology, general patterns about how natural languages do and do not encode meaning, the range of functions of parts of speech, and syntactical and morphophonemic nuances. We will examine the building blocks of languages which have actually been or are being spoken in everyday life in the primary world so you can enrich languages perhaps only ever expressed by your characters, only ever on the page.

Required Texts

No texts required.

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Days and Times

Meeting Mondays & Thursdays @7:00 PM (Eastern Time), starting May 2

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