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Bronwyn Rivera

SPACE Preceptor

Pursuer of "beauty in fragile places"

Bronwyn Rivera is a current student in Signum's MA Language and Literature program, as well as a SPACE preceptor and participant. Her interests include East Asian cultures and languages, gaming, and fantasy literature. [see full bio...]

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Eating Our Way Through Anime

Mixed Lecture/Discussion • Low intensity
What can a carefully arranged bento box show us about a protagonist’s emotions? How does a steaming bowl of ramen help tell a story? Anime is known for its detailed, mouthwatering portrayals of food. But what exactly makes these artistic culinary delights so special, and why do we keep coming back for more?

In this module, we will consider many aspects of food in anime and its relationship with fandom, culture, and history, and how food signals certain things about characters, settings, and relationships.

Come help us eat our way through anime!

Exploring Violet Evergarden

Discussion-based • Low intensity
Come join us for a stunning coming-of-age fantasy anime that follows the story of Violet Evergarden, a former soldier who finds forgiveness, healing, and self-worth through the unassuming power of writing letters. In this module, we will discuss how Violet Evergarden functions as a postwar recovery and travel story, as well as the anime’s use of Victorian and post-World War I aesthetics to tell Violet’s unusual yet unforgettable tale.
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