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Joshua Sosa

Prospective SPACE Preceptor

Mythologist-in-Training, Brimming with Ideas

Joshua earned a BA in Classical Studies with a minor in Ancient Greek from Hunter College and an MA in Museum Studies from the CUNY School of Professional Studies, both in New York City. His interests are in comparative mythology, modern mythopoeia, and classical reception; these stem from his passion for world mythologies and his favorite franchises—Star Wars and Harry Potter. [see full bio...]

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A Casual Look at Etymology in Paleontology

Discussion-based Format
Have you ever wondered what Tyrannosaurus Rex means? How about Basilosaurus? Deinosuchus? Gigantopithacus? Argentavis? Okay you have to know Megalodon, right? Well, if you are interested in learning about the meaning behind some of your favorite prehistoric animal names, then join me for this sit down discussion. No prior knowledge of a secondary language (namely Greek and Latin) is required. This module is intended to be a fun chat to help you better identify certain creatures the next time you head to a natural history museum -- or the next time the topic shows up on Jeopardy!

Intro to Classical Mythology

Mixed Lecture/Discussion Format
As classical mythology is often the gateway into mythological studies, so too will this course be your gateway into classical mythology. We will explore the mythology of the Greco-Roman world in broad strokes, familiarizing ourselves with gods and heroes, before ending the module by dabbling in a bit of comparative mythological study. In doing so, we'll look at excerpts from a few classical authors (in translation), as well as some artifacts and possibly even some historical sites.

Star Wars: Mysteries of the Force

Mixed Lecture/Discussion Format
In this module, we will discuss the aspects of the Force as depicted in Star Wars films, tv, and video games. We will look at specific characters and cults (Jedi v. Sith, the Bendu, Nightsisters, etc.) to understand where they fit in the wider mythology far far away, as well as other mystical motifs and ideas (Mortis, the World Between Worlds). There are tons of different topics to choose from, so there will be plenty to discuss in this course.
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