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Dominic Nardi

Prospective SPACE Preceptor

Political Scientist and Adaptation Academic

Dominic J. Nardi coedited The Transmedia Franchise of Star Wars TV (Palgrave, 2020) and Discovering Dune (McFarland, 2022), and has written about politics in Blade Runner and Lord of the Rings. He is currently working on a book about Studio Ghibli films as adaptations. [see full bio...]

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"The Last of Us" in Adaptation

Discussion-based • Medium intensity
HBO’s new “The Last of Us” TV show (2023) is widely hailed as the best adaptation of a video game. “The Last of Us” video game (2013) tells the story of a cynical older man befriending a young girl during a zombie apocalypse. The game received praise for its subtle storytelling and strong characterizations. The lead creator of the game is also a showrunner and insisted that HBO remain faithful to the game. However, the show uses the freedom of TV to expand upon the backstories of characters. In this course, we will watch the TV show and play the video game simultaneously. We will then discuss how the genre/medium of each affects adaptation choices.

Note: Students do not need to have watched the show or played the game beforehand, but will need to have access to both. Students can also watch a walkthrough of "The Last of Us" in lieu of playing the game.

Video Game Storytelling

Discussion-based • Medium intensity
Video games are an exciting new medium for storytelling because they give players agency within the story world. In this class, we’ll look at recent examples of games that use interactivity to tell stories not possible in any other medium. We’ll see how games encourage players to identify with characters’ emotions through gameplay; incorporate world-building into the setting; and handle the branching pathways of player choice. The games we’ll play are relatively short and are accessible to students who have never played video games before.
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