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Seth Wilson

Former SPACE Team memberProspective SPACE Preceptor

We are grateful to Seth Wilson for helping the SPACE Team kickstart our original project to start up a SPACE section in our Signum Discord. Seth also is the preceptor for the SPACE module, Introduction to Computer Programming Concepts. [see full bio...]

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Introduction to Computer Programming Concepts

This module introduces you to the grammatical structure of a programming language. It's designed to give you the mental framework to learn any programming language more easily; though the syntax of programming languages can differ, the basic principles are the same. You'll learn about building blocks like variables, objects, and functions, and common patterns like if statements, switches, and for loops. And you'll put it all together and write your first simple program.

Note: Two class sessions will be considered lab sections, one in the middle of the month and one at the end. They will give you dedicated time to ask questions about your own projects, and explore topics we may not have covered in class.

If you have any questions about the SPACE program, please reach out to [email protected].