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Kerra Fletcher

Prospective SPACE Preceptor

The Dark Crystal Scholar

One of Kerra’s favorite things is discovering that whatever movie/tv show/mini-series she’s currently watching is actually based on a book. When she’s not bingeing on stories in all their forms, she enjoys spending time in nature and feeding the critters in her aquarium. [see full bio...]

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In the Age of Wonder: The Many Themes of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal, a film directed and created by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, was released at Christmastime in 1982. An attempt at a more mature and decidedly darker direction for Henson, it performed modestly in the box office to mixed reviews. Despite its poor initial beginnings, over the next 42 years, The Dark Crystal became a cult classic. Why the appeal all these years later? In this class we will explore this multifaceted dark fantasy as a stand of world building from the better appreciated “Muppet” canon. Over the course of eight sessions we will discuss the world of Thra through the film itself, seen afresh with the new lenses of various forms of modern criticism. Please join us for a combination of short lectures and lively discussion of this visual and technical masterpiece whether you’re a long-time fan or neophyte.
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