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The Other in the Ancient Egyptian World

Ancient Middle EastComparative MythologyReligious StudiesThe Greco-Roman World
Precepted by Shawn Gaffney.
The Egyptians had a complex view of non-Egyptians. They were both threatening enemies but also potential Egyptians. This course will look at how the Egyptians viewed and depicted the other, the role of the other, and the change in many cases, of other to countryman. This will include a survey of art, literature, and magic as it relates to depicting, describing, and affecting the other and how this reinforced the Egyptian identity. Who were the “others” in the Egyptian worldview? How were they to be interacted with? Who where the Egyptians in their own view?

Required Texts

Semna stele, Harkuf stele, various letters, Sinuhe, various artworks Cornelius, Sakkie. 2010. Ancient Egypt and the other. Bresciani, Edda.. chpt. 8 Foreigners O'Conoor, David. 2003. Egypt's views of 'others'. in Tait, John. 2003. Never had the like occurred- egypts view of its past Zivie-Coche, Christiane. 2011. “Foreign Deities in Egypt


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