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Module 12 of Latin In A Year Series.
Mixed Lecture/Discussion
This module offers a series of Latin readings that review material covered in many traditional Latin courses (a little more than Latin I but not the full span of Latin II). Students will read selections from selected Latin readers and attempt two or three short literary passages, as time allows. All readings will be provided, though access to a Latin grammar book and a basic Latin dictionary may be beneficial.

For the December 2022 iteration, we will revisit some of the carols and passages introduced in the inaugural Translation Techniques for Beginning Latin Students course in December 2021, allowing students who have pursued the full Latin in a Year series to see just how far they have come in their 12 months of study.

Latin grammar assumed:
- Understanding of stems, endings, cases, agreement, and parts of speech
- Knowledge of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, and 5th declension endings for nouns and adjectives
- Familiarity with comparative and superlative forms of regular adjectives
- Knowledge of regular Latin verb conjugations in the subjunctive, indicative, imperative, and infinitive moods, in all relevant tenses, both active and passive
- Ability to recognize conjugations of of “sum” and “possum”
- Familiarity with ego, tu, is, hic, ille, iste, idem, qui, and reflexives
- Awareness of Latin numerals
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