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The Latin in a Year series of Modules allows students to continue their study of Latin in SPACE. This series, however, is also available to students who have past Latin experience and who want to pick up the series partway through or reinforce a previous concept. See the list below for some general guidelines, and consult with SPACE staff or the Latin preceptor if you would like to see a more detailed description of each module or to figure out the best possible starting point for you!

Month 1: Overview of nouns and verbs (present active verbs, 1st and 2nd declension)
Month 2: Adding new tenses (imperfect and future active) and a new declension (3rd)
Month 3: 3rd and 4th conjugations (existing tenses) and new pronouns
Month 4: New verb tenses (perfect system) and more pronouns; numerals
Month 5: Passive verb forms; 4th declension nouns; more pronouns
Month 6: 5th declension, but mostly participles
Month 7: Comparatives, superlatives, and some irregular forms
Month 8: Basic subjunctives
Month 9: Irregular verbs and conditions
Month 10: Subjunctives, deponents, datives, and more irregular verbs
Month 11: (more) finicky grammar
Month 12: Basic readings
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