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Latin Readings for Advanced Beginners

The Greco-Roman World
Precepted by Faith Acker.
When the weight of grammatical forms and memorization would benefit from time to practice and process, the Latin Readings for Advanced Beginners modules offer respite from the regular Latin in a Year program on an ad hoc basis. As appropriate to their skill levels, Latin in a Year students (other scholars are welcome too!) will spend one month reading selected passages from selected textbooks, Latin readers, and (when appropriate) intermediate Latin texts to support their current grammatical skills. The difficulty level and recommended grammatical knowledge for each module will typically be based upon the progress of one or more existing Latin in a Year cohorts, but the SPACE staff or module preceptor will be happy to provide more information.

Required Texts

No required texts. All necessary readings will be provided. A basic Latin dictionary such as this one and a grammar such as this one might be useful but is not required.


None (yet!)

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