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Congratulations! You’ve got a great start on interesting characters doing compelling things in a consistent setting. You also might be finding plot holes, losing track of information, and wondering how Aunt Lucy is ever going to get out of that tree.

Bring your problems! In this workshop you’ll focus on strengthening your story by identifying its obstacles and mapping a solution with such techniques as mini-plans, reverse engineering, layering in a B plot, and character braids.

In our eight sessions, you will be invited to bring thumbnail sketches of story obstacles, to discuss possible paths forward, and to encourage fellow writers to nourish their own stories, too.

Note: Anyone is welcome to join our Novel in a Year modules at any time (the only exception is Novel in a Year 11: Tree Workshop, which is designed specifically for the cohort). Each module is designed to stand alone without prerequisites. However, for the richest experience, the full twelve-month sequence of modules will carry you from blank page through to completing your novel. In a writing journal, you will track your progress and moments of unexpected, joyful discovery as you continue your novel. Whether you are looking to publish commercially or simply writing for yourself, our program is designed to nurture your individual writing journey. Our workshops place kindness first, lifting up excellence and encouraging you to tell your story in your own voice. For more information about our Collaborative Feedback model, check out our video here.
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