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You’ll spend this month building on all the skills you’ve learned through the Creative Writing: Workshop modules by reading each other’s nearly completed novels. This module is designed specifically for the Novel In A Year Cohort who have deep familiarity with each other’s projects & styles. You’ve built a community of encouragement and good communication: now, whether you’re copy editing or madly layering in a gamma plot, lean into the group for collaborative feedback to bring this novel to fruition.

Note: Whilst all other Novel in a Year modules are intended to be welcome for anyone to join in any month, this iteration of Creative Writing: Workshop is designed specifically for the cohort.

Collaborative Feedback: A method of supportive feedback which lifts up excellence and encourages your own story in your own voice. You will read and comment kindly on others’ work as well as having the option to share your own writing (which we very much hope you will do). For more information, check out our video here.
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