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Discussion-based • Medium intensity
In Mob Psycho 100, Shigeo Kageyama ("Mob") is an ordinary middle school student who also happens to have strong psychic abilities. Between his part-time job as an exorcist's assistant, his desire to fit in at school, and the weird things that tend to happen to him, he struggles to find the ordinary life he craves. This series turns many of the tropes of battle-shounen anime on their head, while also exploring what it means to be a good person and find the life you want -- while also including some incredible action sequences. Please join us for a discussion of the themes, tropes, and characters of this unusual show.

Module structure:
Session 1: Episodes 1-3
Session 2: Episodes 4-6
Session 3: Episodes 7-9
Session 4: Episodes 10-12 (end of season 1)
Session 5: Episodes 13-15
Session 6: Episodes 16-19
Session 7: Episodes 20-22
Session 8: Episodes 23-25 (end of season 2)

Required Texts

The series is available on Hulu and Crunchyroll in the United States, with a subscription. In Canada and many other regions it is available on both Crunchyroll and Netflix.
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