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Creative Writing Workshop

December 2022 Confirmed

Precepted by Sparrow Alden.
We will meet for once a week skill workshops and once a week peer review. Our method includes author inquiry, character interviews, and positive feedback. Writers are encouraged—but never required—to submit new pieces in any state of draftiness or readiness up to 2,000 words each week for peer reading and feedback. We ask one another to read the submissions and comment at the author's comfort level. Our philosophy of kindness first might just turn around your previous experience of writing groups.

Note: A seat has been reserved in this module for a writer of traditionally marginalized identity. There is no form; simply write to [email protected] to identify yourself as someone who qualifies for and wishes to use this space in the writing group.

Required Texts


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Days and Times

Meeting Mondays & Thursdays @8:00 PM for eight 1-hour sessions (Eastern Time), with classes scheduled for December 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 26, 29.

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