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Middle High German 2: An Epic Continuation

Germanic StudiesLinguisticsThe Middle Ages
Precepted by Isaac Schendel.
This module is a continuation of Middle High German 1 with the plan to continue with the 14th âventiure of the Nibelungenlied until we complete it. After that, we will switch to some Arthuriana - Iwein, by Hartmann von Aue, the German “translation” of Chrétien de Troyes’[s] Yvain, the Knight of the Lion. Also, if the students want to read something else, your preceptor is all ears!

Required Texts

A Middle High German Reader by M. O’C. Walshe (ISBN: 0198720823). The grammar (pp. 1-51), the glossary (pp. 182-216), and our reading text, “Âventiure 14” of Das Nibelungenlied (pp. 137-149; Strophes 814-876), will be supplied as scans.


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