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Discussion-based • Medium intensity
Shinkai Makoto is an anime director whose films are known for the hyperrealistic beauty of their background art, but also for their star-crossed lovers and the way they play with time. Shinkai's films are often considered "sekai-kei"; that is, the world may be in crisis, but we see this crisis from the point of view of individual lives. In this module, we will watch several films, based on availability, as per the proposed outline below.

Session 1: Biography, influences, context, short films, and Voices of a Distant Star
Session 2: The Place Promised in Our Early Days
Session 3: 5 Centimeters per Second
Session 4 :Your Name
Session 5: Your Name, continued
Session 6: Weathering With You
Session 7: Weathering with You, continued
Session 8: Suzume

Required Texts

We will watch the films listed above. All are available to rent on streaming services in the US (please check for other regions) for about $5 apiece.
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