New England Moot 2024 Registration

Oct. 19, 2024 • Derry, NH
Signum University and the Mythgard Institute invite you to join us on October 19 for New England Moot 2024. This hybrid event will occur at Studio Lab in Derry, NH. This year, we invite you to contemplate the themes of "Wicked Wisdom and Forbidden Knowledge". 

Saruman's pursuit of Ring-lore.
Melkor's search for the Flame Imperishable.
Celebrimbor helping create the Rings of Power.

The quest for knowledge is a fundamental drive, but what happens when that quest leads to dangerous or forbidden realms? How do we balance the desire for wisdom with the moral and ethical implications of our actions? How do we cope with the consequences of uncovering secrets that were meant to be hidden? Can wisdom even be wicked? Or does wisdom, by its very nature, hold within itself a kernel of benevolence? These are but a few questions we seek to explore, drawing on the rich and diverse traditions of literature, philosophy, theology, and history.

Delving into realms deemed off-limits, whether to pursue worldly secrets or manipulate powerful forces, often exacts a toll on those who dare cross the threshold. Join us in exploring the shadows that lurk beneath the surface of speculative fiction.

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