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Kom och tala svenska med mig! Did you know that Swedish is among the least difficult second languages to learn for English speakers? Swedish, a descendant of Old Norse, is a beautiful and melodic language sure to impress friends and family, and even better - knowledge of Swedish opens the door to mutual intelligibility with the other Scandinavian languages (Norwegian and Danish). In this capsule, we will learn some of the very basics of the Swedish language, and some fun facts about Swedish culture. Who knows, you may even start to understand the IKEA catalog better than ever before.

Required Texts

Rivstart A1 + A2 Textbok; Rivstart A1 + A2 Övningsbok
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This capsule is just a sample session. For more information about the full module and when it will be offered next in SPACE, go to the Beginning Swedish 1 module page.

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