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August 2022 Modules

Advanced Old English: Ælfric's Letter to Sigeweard

Meeting Mondays & Thursdays @7:00 PM (Eastern Time), beginning Aug 1
For this month, we turn again to Aelfric of Eynsham, the most prolific writer in Old English. In this letter, he addresses a nobleman and tries to teach him what Aelfric considers to be the important things of the Christian faith. It is a fascinating text to read and has a little something for everyone interested in the language, literature, and culture of Early Medieval England.
Precepted by Larry Swain.

Beginning Japanese 2 Continuing Series

Meeting Mondays & Wednesdays @9:00 PM (Eastern Time), beginning August 1
Building on the material covered in Beginning Japanese 1, we will cover lessons three and part of four in the Genki textbook, including: introduction to and learning to use katakana; solidifying usage of hiragana; introduction to kanji (around 10-20); developing communication abilities beyond stative sentences, focusing on the introduction of non-stative verbs; new vocabulary; continuing the development of fluency in the four aspects of language mastery.
Precepted by Robert Steed.
Backup preceptor: Pilar Barrera.

Beginning Scottish Gaelic 3 Continuing Series

Meeting Tuesdays & Thursdays @6:00 PM (Eastern Time), beginning August 2
Beginning Scottish Gaelic 3 continues our language and grammar study in line with European fluency standard A1. This module continues where we left off, using the A1 Inntrigeadh resources from SpeakGaelic.scot.
Module Class Delivery
Class 1 and 2 will cover Topic 9: Food & Drink
Class 3 and 4 will cover Topic 10: Shopping
Class 5 and 6 will cover Topic 11: Day-to-day
Class 7 and 8 will cover Topic 12: Describing People

Creative Writing: Poetry in Forms First in the Series

Meeting Tuesdays & Thursdays at 2:00 PM (Eastern Time), beginning August 2
This class introduces students to some of the classic forms of European poetry, including sonnets, villanelles, sestinas, ballads, odes, and more. We’ll look at some noteworthy examples, then compose our own poetry following those structures, which we’ll then workshop together.
Precepted by Sørina Higgins.

Exploring Journey to the West

Meeting Tuesdays in a two-hour block from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Eastern Time), beginning August 2nd.
One of the most beloved of all classical Chinese novels, Journey to the West features Monkey, Pig, Sand-demon, White Horse, and the monk Tripitaka as they make a pilgrimage from Tang-dynasty Chang’an to India to bring back Buddhist scriptures, having outrageous adventures all along the way. Full of humor and wit, this is a major work of East Asian fantastic literature. Come along with Monkey and the gang for a tour through this foundational text!
Precepted by Robert Steed.

Latin in a Year 7 Continuing Series

Meeting Mondays & Wednesdays @10:00 AM (Eastern Time), beginning Aug 1. The class will skip August 3 and go to August 29.
This seventh unit of Signum SPACE’s Latin in a Year sequence expects students to be familiar with active and passive verb conjugations in all six tenses, nouns and adjectives in all declensions, major pronoun systems, and participles. In Month 7, students will work through four chapters of Wheelock’s Latin, learning new forms of known adjectives, discovering new ways to translate dative and ablative nouns and selected passive verbs, and studying new uses for the infinitive.

This module covers chapters 24-27 of Wheelock’s Latin:
- 24: Ablative Absolute; Passive Periphrastic; Dative of Agent
- 25: Infinitives; Indirect Statement
- 26: Comparison of Adjectives; Declension of Comparatives; Ablative of Comparison
- 27: Special and Irregular Comparison of Adjectives
Precepted by Faith Acker.

Life in the Middle Ages

Meeting Thursdays in a two-hour block from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (Eastern Time), beginning August 4
This module will look at what life in the Middle Ages was like. What did they eat? What about entertainment? What work? What was literature like? People will encounter texts, artifacts, and art to help gain a better understanding of life in the Middle Ages.
Precepted by Larry Swain.

Old Norse 1 First in the Series

Meeting Mondays & Thursdays at 9:00 PM (Eastern Time), beginning August 1
This series of modules introduces you to the vocabulary and grammar of Old Norse, preparing you to read medieval sagas, eddic poetry, and even Viking-Age runic inscriptions. Each one-month module builds on the previous one, so students ready to learn Old Norse will communicate with our Director and Professor Anderson to choose the right placement for everyone.
Precepted by Carl Anderson.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Text, Translation, Film

Meeting Mondays & Wednesdays at 8:00 PM (Eastern Time), beginning August 1
Can Sir Gawain keep his honor without losing his head? This short classic of Middle English chivalric romance follows Gawain on a quest testing his heroism, social etiquette, sexual virtue, and existential sense of self. This course explores: first, the extraordinary history of the single, unique manuscript which preserves this poem (as it “slept” on a library shelf for 400 years, escaped destruction by fire, and was eventually rediscovered in the 19th century); second, the translations which brought this poem to a twentieth century readership – focusing in particular on J.R.R. Tolkien’s; and finally, the 2021 film by David Lowery.
Precepted by Liam Daley.

The Last Airbender: Endings

Meeting Mondays & Thursdays @8:00 PM (Eastern Time), beginning August 1
Grab a cup of tea and join Keli for a relaxed viewing and discussion of the second half of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

This is the second of two modules dedicated to covering the entire original series in preparation for a future module on Netflix's upcoming live action as an adaptation of Book 1 from the original series.
Precepted by Keli Fancher.

The Second Age of Middle-earth

Meeting Wednesdays & Fridays @10:00 AM (Eastern Time), beginning August 3
The Second Age of Middle-earth saw the rise and fall of Númenor, the rise and (apparent) fall of Sauron, and the creation of the Rings of Power. This course will look at the events of the Second Age with readings from LOTR (especially Appendix A and B), Unfinished Tales, and the Silmarillion. It will be of particular interest to people who want to know more about the Second Age to be ready for the Amazon Prime series LOTR: The Rings of Power starting in September 2022.

When Tolkien Wrote Time-Travel

Meeting Mondays & Tuesdays at 8:00 PM (Eastern Time), beginning August 1
Tolkien’s essay into the time-travel genre is little known and even less likely read. However, his Lost Road and Notion Club Papers showcase his grappling with concepts at the heart of his legendarium. This module highlights those works, taking readers through a genre study, philological walkthrough, and conceptual discussion of the fragments. Buckle in for a Tolkien-guided adventure through Earth’s history back to the time of the Elves.
Precepted by Jennifer Rogers.
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